Golden Silica Property

The Golden Silica Property is located approximately 5 km from Golden, BC, Canada, and consists of several proximal claim blocks totaling 5,012 hectares. The Property hosts excellent infrastructure with ranch and logging roads present throughout the area, and railhead access in Golden. The Property covers more than 18 km strike length of the Mount Wilson Formation where high-grade silica has been confirmed from samples collected in 2014. The four samples collected average 98.6% SiO2 to peak of 99% SiO2, with low boron (~10 ppm), and low iron (0.28%). Preliminary testing on these samples indicates favourable frac sand characteristics, as well as metallurgical grade silica potential.

The newly expanded Golden Silica asset now brackets or abuts both, the operational Moberly Mine, which is owned by Calgary-based Northern Silica Corporation (formerly owned by Heemskirk Canada Ltd.) that is now producing frac sand, and the Horse Creek metallurgical silica mine, being developed by Hi Test Sand. Inc.

Management cautions that past results or discoveries on adjacent properties (i.e. Moberly, Horse Creek) may not necessarily be indicative to the presence of mineralization on the Company’s properties (i.e. Golden Silica).


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